The Silent Spillbills
Published by HarperCollins

Katerina Farnsworth loves rowing with her father in wetlands off Farnsworth Bay, catching glimpses of the local shorebirds. Their favorite species is one not found in any bird books, so Katerina, who has a stuttering problem, names it herself: s-silent s-spillbills. But when these rare birds are blamed for two crashes of Farnsworth Aeronautic planes, her powerful grandfather, who owns the company, sets out to destroy them. All that stands between the birds and extinction is a young girl with a stutter.

  • "This highly imaginative novel offers suspense and offbeat humor."
    - Publishers Weekly
  • "What finally holds readers’ interest is Seidler’s writing style. He makes surprising choices about which scenes to depict and which to leave to the imagination. There is also a deceptive effortlessness to his writing that is easy to respond to."
    - ALA Booklist
  • "Compelling. Seidler evokes the pleasures of bird watching beautifully, and the fictional spillbills are a cleverly realistic creation."
    - New Orleans Times-Picayune