First Edition Illustrated By Test
Illustrated by Peter McCarty | Published by HarperCollins

Terpin Taft is happy to tell people what they want to hear, even it means stretching the truth a bit. Until the day he meets a stranger on a train and tells the man a consoling lie. The results are so disastrous that Terpin resolves never to speak or act except by the truth in his heart. But this, too, has disastrous—if sometimes comical—results.

  • "Terpin is as delicately and artfully constructed as a fine musical composition. Seidler’s clear, precise prose moves effortlessly from the satirical to the lyrical. And, as Terpin Taft’s story unfolds, the author plays metaphysical and emotional themes in steady accompaniment."
    - The New York Times Book Review
  • "Lovely in its simplicity and brevity."
    - The Baltimore Sun
  • "There is a mystic note in the story, a sober assessment of ethical concepts, a wry commentary on the superficiality of human beings and their relationships, and a rejection of some of the common standards and practices in our society. There are laminations of meaning in this smoothly crafted story."
    - Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
  • "This taut, sparse tale contains much food for thought."
    - ALAN Review
  • "The marvelous writing style and brevity of the book make it an excellent choice for study in a high school literature course."
    - Journal of Reading, International Reading Association
  • "Using clear, precise prose, this story about man and boy coming to know the penalties and rewards of truth operates on several levels."
    - New York Times Notable Children’s Book
  • "A sad-humorous American tale, Tor Seidler’s Terpin is an unusual variation on the theme of local boy makes good and is narrated with an urbane simplicity that conceals a depth of complex feeling."
    - The Guardian
  • "A finely honed, sly satire."
    - Publishers Weekly
  • "The author displays an artistry that is deceptively simple. This is a beautifully fashioned story."
    - Dallas Morning News
  • "A wonderful book . . . the story of a boy not easily forgotten . . . a thin volume packed with enough power to move it into that category of children’s classics adults love. In the spirit of his hero, Socrates, Terpin goes through life acting on the truth in his heart and the reader follows laughing and crying all the way."
    - New Orleans Times-Picayune
  • "Terpin is half parable, half novel, and distinctly unlike the general run of teenage fiction . . . a distinguished addition to teenage fiction."
    - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • "Terpin is a superb story. Tor Seidler writes with the sensitivity of a young person who stands out from the crowd—who remains true to himself and his ideals. The reader experiences both challenge and pleasure."
    - The Grand Rapids Press
  • "In a style that evokes Cheever, Tor Seidler tells this story of identity and determination with an ingratiating mixture of school hijinks, emotional self-questioning, and glorying in New England’s wintry beauty."
    - Seattle Weekly
  • "A modern day fable that is lovely in its simplicity and brevity."
    - Baltimore Sun