Brothers Below Zero
Illustrated by Peter McCarty | Published by HarperCollins

Tim can’t hold a candle to John Henry—not in school, sports, or anything. And John Henry is Tim’s younger brother. But when their eccentric grandmother teaches Tim how to paint he finds he has a real talent. Annoyed, John Henry hatches a plan to undermine his older brother. His sinister scheme succeeds beyond his expectations, throwing the two boys into a subzero adventure that will change them both forever.

  • "Seidler captures the bond that can exist between the young and elderly. He also manages some effective, subtle shifts in points of view, allowing the story to unfold through the eyes of several main characters, and he has a keen appreciation for the small details that make up life."
    - ALA Booklist
  • "Seidler takes on an age-old story line—jealousy and competition between two dissimilar brothers—and spins it into a survival story with a soft mystical edge . . . Every child with a brother or sister will be able to relate to the situation, perhaps learning that comparing oneself to others is as “useless as two tails on a dog” in the process."
    - Kirkus
  • "A solid read that blends family dynamics and intense action in its exciting, satisfying climax."
    - Publishers Weekly