Gully’s Travels
Illustrated by Brock Cole | Published by Scholastic, Michael di Capua Books

Gulliver is a Lhasa apso who leads the cushiest life imaginable. He has a fashionable Manhattan address, eats premium dog food, and summers in Paris. But when his master falls in love with a woman allergic to long-haired dogs he gives his beloved pet up to his doorman. And so it is that Gully has to face life in a cramped, ramshackle house in Queens with a family of raucous human beings and three deplorable mutts . . .

  • "Seidler transfers human foibles to his animal characters in well-modulated comic prose. A spirited animal fantasy."
    - Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • "A wholly satisfying tale about discovery and belonging from a veteran storyteller."
    - ALA Booklist (starred review)
  • "In this charming adventure story Tor Seidler effectively depicts a pampered dog’s point of view . . . As Gully travels from riches to rags—and ultimately arrives at a richness of another sort—he learns about loyalty and friendship. Readers will enjoy Gully’s adventures and sigh with relief as the story reaches its satisfying conclusion."
    - Junior Literary Guild Monthly
  • "Seidler is back with a winner in the tradition of his Mean Margaret. This book will have a wide audience among dog devotees, fans of New York and Paris, and those who like a grand adventure. Encore!"
    - ShelfAwareness