The Revenge of Randall Reese-Rat
Illustrated by Brett Hilquist | Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Randal Reese-Rat is mad with jealousy, believing Montague Mad-Rat has stolen Isabel, his former bride-to-be. His feelings are no secret on his wharf, and when an unthinkable crime is perpetrated against Izzy and Monty on their wedding night, Randal is the prime suspect. Now on the lam, with a price on his head and thugs on his tail, Randal involves animal friends of his in a perfect and horrible revenge on the whole rat colony. But his plans are hopelessly complicated when a new rat enters his life, an exotic she-rat who shares his unusual interest in non-rat species—and who happens to be the cousin of his nemesis.

  • "A warm and witty story that reinforces the message of A Rat’s Tale: you can’t judge a rat by his family."
    - The New York Times Book Review
  • "The simple yet evocative language and warmly depicted characters make this fantasy a delight. This chronicle of their adventures is sure to win new fans and please old ones."
    - School Library Journal
  • "This novel, set in a community of intelligent rats, blends the atmospheres of The Borrowers and The Cricket in Times Square, and the result is an adventure plot, a romance, and a witty satire. It offers wonderful fun with language and point of view. Humor aplenty . . ."
    - Chicago Tribune
  • "As in A Rat’s Tale . . . Seidler creates an elaborate world with a skillful mix of fantasy and realism. Puns, hilarious character foils, and plenty of satire provide humor as Seidler raises some disturbing, relevant questions about retribution and violence, balancing them a reassuring “love saves all” message. An engrossing, wholly realized adventure."
    - ALA Booklist
  • "The fun is in the magnificently ratty details, the subtle wordplay and in the chance to visit ratdom . . . This is not classic quest fantasy with good versus evil but a more charming and lovable fantasy with bad doings by relatively good rats and good doings by relatively bad ones."
    - Kirkus Reviews